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Visual Stimulation Card Toys

  • A baby's eyesight is blurred for the first few months after birth. Our flash card is designed for babies from 0 to 6 months. High contrast images, the black and white images are ideal for visual stimulation, you can introduce flashcards into their everyday routine to develop the right brain memory of them and make learning a fun part of everyday play.
  • Made of odorless and non-toxic materials. Printed on thick board in large format (6''x 6'') for durability. The outer layer is covered with sub-gloss film, it features waterproof and is easy to clean, especially to prevent glare and protect the baby's eyes. All pictures are clear and eye-catching with high contrast colors, which is fun and interests infant to improve their concentration and observational skills.
  • Comes with 20 pcs baby visual stimulation cards, 10 pcs black and white high contrast cards to improve visual distance, and other 10 pcs dotted with basic colors (red, yellow, blue) to help baby adjust to seeing colors around them. The baby toys are specially designed for 0-3 months, and 3-6 months to stimulate the baby's visual and brain development.
  • Handhold the card about 30-40 cm away from the baby and move slowly to attract the eyes of a baby after the baby gaze at the card for 5-6 seconds then change to the next card. We recommend using 5-10 cards at a time, training no more than 5 times a day, and no more than 15 minutes a day. When your baby begins to show restlessness, stop the activity and replace the cards with a new theme during their next session.