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Laptop Cooling Pad

  • Ergonomics experts emphasize that finding the most comfortable and effective working angle is healthy. Wjiang laptop stand provides 8 adjustable pointing points, which can adjust the height according to your comfort level, which can help you correct inappropriate postures and prevent back/shoulder/neck/arm discomfort.
  • Upgraded technology laptop stand. The new twin-turbo cooling technology enables direct circulation and convection of internal and external air. It is directly connected to the notebook cooling hole, which perfectly alleviates the damage to the internal parts of the notebook due to overheating. The bottom of the bracket is designed to facilitate heat dissipation from multiple angles. You can adjust the appropriate angle according to your needs.
  • This office computer stand is entirely made of anodized high-strength aluminum alloy, so the stand is stronger and has less shaking. The rubber on the bracket hand fits tightly to ensure that your laptop is stable on the bracket. Rubber feet prevent the stand from sliding on the desktop. In addition, the stand is detachable and can be easily installed without tools, so the lightweight laptop stand is very easy to carry.
  • This laptop stand is made of high-quality CNC-cut aluminum alloy material to ensure easy reassembly and perfect fit. A creative foldable design allows you to easily divide it into 3 parts and store them to keep your desk clean. It can be carried with you, convenient for business trips or home office use. The laptop stand feels delicate, easy to clean, anti-rust, scratch resistant, and very durable.
  • This laptop stand can be used as a vertical laptop stand, laptop and desktop lifter, laptop stand, adjustable laptop stand, portable desk, laptop stand, adjustable standing desk, work at home, laptop Desk stand, desktop stand, lifting table, laptop stand, laptop stand, portable laptop stand, desk laptop stand, foldable computer desk, an ergonomic stand, etc.