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Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand

  • This adjustable laptop desk stand is designed to be used as a laptop stand, standing desk, tablet stand, and lap desk for use on the bed, sofa, or table. Simply adjust the leg height to work more comfortably while sitting or standing.
  • The CPU fans are powered by a USB cable, 2 fans work, and the upgraded design enhances the wind power. The fan blades are used to run at a high speed to achieve fast ventilation and no noise, quickly solve the computer's high-temperature problem, and protect your computer from harm.
  • Our desk laptop stand is made of a lightweight, high-strength aluminum tray and 6 adjustable abs plastic auto-locking joints. It fits well and performs better for up to 15.6" inch all mac books, notebooks, tablets, and laptops; an extra anti-slip clip on the laptop table tray is designated to clamp the stuff in place.
  • This portable laptop table holder is easy to set up and put into your backpack or briefcase wherever you are working in the office or at home; the computer stand is specially designed so that you don't have to use a standing desk so in addition to your regular desk which will keep your office cluttered.