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Resistance Bands Set

  • Exercise bands with handles and ankle straps are great for toning arms, chest, shoulders, glutes, legs, etc, effectively building your strength and muscle. These resistance bands can also be used in other workouts like physical therapy, yoga, pilates, stretching, calisthenics, and more.
  • Made of natural latex, this workout band set is durable, strong, wear-resistant, odor free, and with great elasticity. What’s more, this workout band set features its anti-slip handles, sturdy door anchor, strong metal carabiner, etc.
  • The resistance band set is lightweight and portable compared to barbells or other exercise equipment. They work as your mobile gym at home, outdoor, office, etc, help you build muscle, strength, speed, and lose weight fast.
  • No matter newbie or strong bodybuilder, these stretch bands, and elastic bands for exercise always work well, taking your workout program up to the next level. Start your exercise life now!