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Ab Roller with Mat

  • This AB roller provides a comfortable workout experience and thoughtful protection. The 3.7" dual wheel ab rollers provide extra support and stability compared to regular single wheels. Just embrace the freedom of more exciting and challenging daily activities without the use of resistance bands!
  • The Vinsguir Abs Wheel targets your abs, hip flexors, and back muscles. With professional practice, this exercise wheel will increase your core and lower back strength while reducing the risk of muscle injury.
  • The high-strength stainless steel shaft for abs exercises can hold a maximum weight of 400 kgs to keep you safe. 3.7" extra wide abs rollers ensure balance and stability as it doesn't stray sideways. EVA rubber cotton handle provides a non-slip and comfortable grip for safety
  • The roller effectively activates and strengthens muscles in different areas, including the abdomen, arms, chest, back, and legs. Not only suitable for strength training, but also good for core balance control, suitable for both men and women. You can use it with other gym equipment to enhance your training.
  • This workout roller works your abs and burns fat. As a versatile roller, it's impeccable when it comes to picking the ideal gift for you and your family and friends; not to mention our after-sales service with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Finally, I wish you a happy shopping!